We recognise that getting to scale is tough.  We apply practitioner-led advice to help you avoid mis-steps and choose the most effective path to growth.  Our people are experienced operators, senior leaders from industry who like to roll their sleeves up and get things done.

Each step also calls for specialist advice, so we supplement these capabilities with an extensive network of specialist partners.


Fintech investments have exploded in the last 5 years with immense competition for funding and market share. The key is to find a sizeable market with great distribution channels to scale and realise the value of your assets. Ceresys is helping owners, investors and corporates, to find more differentiated and sticky business – at scale.


Insurtech has attracted significant funding in North America over the last 3 years. Europe and APAC are catching-up fast and developing ever-more sophisticated solutions for mass and niche markets. Ceresys is helping niche players to achieve their funding goals, grow their corporate client base, and conclude distribution and partner arrangements to achieve scale.


Financial, physical and mental wellbeing are critical for today’s economic and societal goals. Employers are increasingly wise to this in their efforts to attract and retain talent. People are busy and wrestle with access to affordable healthcare solutions. Ceresys is supporting clients in developing easy access, remote, and affordable online solution.


Consumer transparency and choice are critical to brand loyalty with a consistent and frictionless customer experience. Regulators strive to uphold fair standards of business and regulation continues to grow.. Ceresys is working with clients to help them refine the way the conduct their consumer business in order to drive trust and customer retention.